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Friday, December 2, 2022


    Bobcheck.io launches

    Trial identifies nearly £150,000 in missed revenue during trial

    Bobcheck, the new platform that can identify missed/lost revenue for a recruitment firm, has officially launched. Following an impressive six-month beta, the platform was able to help six recruitment firms identify almost £150,000 in missed revenue. This has delivered a return of investment of 791 per cent to its customers.

    A ‘direct hire’, otherwise known as Behind Our Back (BOB), occurs when a company hires a candidate, following an introduction from a recruitment firm, and for whatever reason does not pay the appropriate fees for sourcing and introducing the candidate. Bobcheck was created with the simple and clear ambition, to help recruitment firms identify and recover missed/lost revenue from direct hires.

    The Bobcheck platform is easy to use and integrates through API with Bullhorn or can also be used via simple CSV upload. Once set up, the platform will continue to monitor actual hire activity with minimal maintenance and no further need for recruiters to conduct manual checks, saving time and focus for recruitment staff.

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    “We are seriously impressed with Bobcheck,” said Chris Redmond, managing director of RedHolt. “It is incredibly easy to use and get set up. The team at Bobcheck helped us to upload 6 months of back-dated interview data. It only took a few minutes for bobcheck to do its thing and found a direct hire. We were completely in the dark but blown away by the bobcheck service and technology.”

    David Clark, managing director and co-founder of Bobcheck explains: “Direct hires are not an uncommon practice and can happen for several reasons, contrary to popular belief they are not always intended by the hiring firm. The decision to raise the issue of missed revenue will lie with the recruitment firm/agency, Bobcheck’s customers. The first step is identifying them and that is what bobcheck does.”

    Direct hires can happen for any number of reasons, not necessarily on purpose. How recruitment firms react to identifying a direct hire can also vary. Many firms immediately begin the process of retrieving debts owed, whereas others can adopt a more subtle approach, potentially forgoing monies owed in the interest of protecting the ongoing relationship with clients.

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