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Friday, December 2, 2022


    Four strategies for better conversations

    ‘Hey u ok?’, ‘Yeah you?’, ‘Yeah good’. We can all get better at having conversations, whether it’s with friends, family or your customers. Having better conversations allows you to build greater rapport, increase your customer service quality as well as boost your business.

    Countryside PSL Q&A with Bromak Recruitment

    Bromak Recruitment is a specialist UK based Recruitment Company and Employment Agency. They have been included in a unique PSL project with the fastest growing housebuilder in the UK, Countryside Properties (UK) Plc. Bromak have been working with Countryside and the newly appointed Umbrella PSL to form a ‘connected’ supply chain with the help of ENGAGE.

    The phones are still ringing: why the phone call is top dog

    In a world full of emails, texts, ‘likes’ and carrier pigeons (we mis them), our research shows that the phone call is still the most popular avenue for businesses and customers. We may not be at our desks right now, but the phones are still ringing.

    Connecting the dots in recruitment, with CloudCall

    Your phone system is undoubtedly one of the most useful tools in your recruitment team’s arsenal. But could the way it’s configured be holding you back? 54% of businesses say a lack of integration into a CRM system, is slowing them down on the phone.

    Sirenum Launch

    A pioneer in cloud-based workforce management technology, Sirenum, whose clients include Randstad, Gi Group, and Manpower, has today announced the launch of its latest innovation to the market - Sirenum Pay.

    Countryside Umbrella PSL Q&A with SSC Services

    SSC Services is the trading name of S & S Consulting Services Ltd, a UK based Payroll Intermediary who is both Chartergate Affiliate member and FCSA Accredited. They have been included in a ‘Umbrella’ PSL project with the fastest growing housebuilder in the UK, Countryside Properties (UK) Plc. SSC Services have been working with the Agency PSL to form a ‘connected’ supply chain with the help of ENGAGE.

    How recruiters can fill more jobs, faster with SMS

    You head to your remote office, grab a coffee on the way and pop your headset on. You make call after call, leaving, you guessed it; voicemail after voicemail. You only stop for the third delivery driver that morning and go down to get another cup of coffee. Sound familiar?

    4 VoIP benefits for recruiters

    With so many recruiters working remotely, it’s important to be able to make calls from wherever you are. All you need is an internet connection – no landlines necessary! Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) allows you to make and manage all your voice calls over the internet.

    8 things recruiters need to know about IR35

    Around 60,000 medium and large-sized engagers and 20,000 recruitment agencies will be affected by the changes to IR35 off-payroll legislation, which mean that from 6 April, businesses in the public and private sector engaging workers through intermediaries, must identify whether the worker is classified a direct employee for income tax purposes.

    Countryside Q&A with Vicki Deal

    Q: What was it that first drew you to Engage? A: Countryside is currently on a “Digital Transformation” journey in various areas of our business, in order to better support future growth of the Group. Within this modernisation programme, we were focused on the way in which we manage and engage with our labour workforce.

    How CloudCall can help recruiters in a changing market

    We know it’s hard for recruiters right now. Following the events of 2020, the recruitment sector has suffered; the jobs market decreased whilst the number of candidates has done the opposite. With a lot of companies closing, furloughing staff or even letting employees go, the recruitment market in 2021 will be tougher than ever to manage.

    4 CloudCall for Microsoft Teams benefits recruiters will love

    We don’t know if you’ve heard…CloudCall is now available for Microsoft Teams! In the current climate, lots of businesses are running remotely. Recruiters are meeting with candidates online, calling clients from their kitchens and communicating with colleagues through services such as Microsoft Teams.

    Kick start your business phone system wish list for 2021

    Kick start your 2021 business phone system wish list now With the number of phone system providers growing, it can be daunting to find the perfect phone solution for your business’s needs. This guide will give you the tools you need to evaluate which system is right for your business. To make things simple we’ll stick to only covering VoIP or cloud-based phone systems in this quick wish list guide.

    5 B2B Recruitment marketing investments guaranteed to enable sales in 2021

    Marketing investments for recruitment businesses should be based on the impact it will have on your sales, and how much it will help increase brand awareness longer term.

    How local presence can personalize your 2021 calling strategy

    Are you more likely to pick up a call if it’s from a local number? I know I am. Wherever you are in the world, unique area codes are used for specific geographic regions. These area codes make it easy to identify if a caller is local or calling from another part of the country, or another country all together.

    Crystal Balls

    Georgia Mandarino & Col Levander of Ratescalc.com look into and beyond 2021

    Seen a Ghost

    What is ghosting? Ghosting usually refers to going silent on someone, by not replying to their messages. It typically happens on dating apps or...

    Christmas Challenge

    Josh Martin, Senior Sales Manager at CloudCall looks at Recruiters challenges

    Digital Acceleration

    Richard Charnock, COO of the REC, on the changes forced by Co-Vid

    Press Record

    Josh Martin, Senior Sales Manager of CloudCall on 3 reasons you need call recording

    Sourcing Social Niches

    Andrew Rothman of PCRecruiter discusses your choice of social media 

    Upskill to improve Employability

    App-based training will help tackle pandemic skills crisis

    Mental Surge

    Hive360 see Demand for virtual mental health support in lockdown increase

    The Systems Behind the Software

    Del Williams, Sales Director of JSA explains the Complete IR35 Tool
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