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Wednesday, January 27, 2021
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    Longer Reads

    Democratising Tech

    With the growing demand for software development professionals already producing a talent shortage of 40 million workers worldwide and projected to reach more than double that by 2030, Ignas Rubežius, CEO of The Remote Company believe no-code solutions will be the way forward. According to Rubežius no-code allows anyone in an organisation to code cheaper, faster, and without any prior knowledge in programming.

    Boost your ROI

    Emily Buckley, Chief Writer at Wave looks at data analytics

    Marketers Mistakes

    Dan Stobbs, Head of Social Media at BlueSky PR looks at four content marketing mistakes


    Chris Horner, Insolvency Director at Business Rescue Expert asks Is Digital Transformation the Key to Business Survival in the New World?


    Avance Services Bandev Gosh looks at the role of Artificial Intelligence in recruitment

    Push on Through

    Emily Buckley, Chief Writer at Wave gives her top tips to survive and thrive through the pandemic

    A New Future of Work

    Nicole Bello, VP SMB and Channel EMEA, UKG explains a future propelled by the pandemic is driven by workforce management technology

    Technology the Key

    Emily Buckley, Chief Writer at Wave looks at Talent Attraction

    Hit the Target

    Dan Stobbs, Head of Social Media at BlueSky PR looks at three considerations recruitment marketers should make when targeting audiences on social media.

    Social Improvement

    Dan Stobbs, Head of Social Media at BlueSky PR shares three tips for improving your recruitment firm’s social media content.

    Preparing the Hybrid Office

    Dominika Paciorkowska, Managing Director of ClickMeeting looks at Planning for a hybrid remote-office workforce and workplace

    Achieve the elusive ROI

    Kieron Mayers, Operations Director at Marmalade Marketing asks Is Recruitment Tech stacked against marketing?

    All in One

    Karl Middleton, Mobile Expert at e2save looks at How to run a business from your smartphone

    Human Automation

    Peter Linas, EVP of Corporate Development & International at Bullhorn explains Automation is the future of recruiting – but so are human beings

    Don’t Fall Behind

    Katy Stephenson, Marketing Manager of Itec Systems explains How To Keep Up To Date With Your CRM

    Determined IR35

    Andy Vessey, Head of Tax at Kingsbridge discusses the role of automation in IR35 determinations


    James Sandoval, CEO and Founder of MeasureMatch on Why striking the right balance of fixed and variable skills and resources is key to operational success.


    Warwick Haycock, Accounting Software Specialist at The Access Group, helps get your business firing on all cylinders again.


    Mark Seeman, CEO and founder StaffCircle, looks to use Employee data to achieve a more resilient and reactive business  

    Shifting Sands

    Julie Calisir, MD of Search looks How the employment market is changing during uncertain times

    Manage Resistance

    Implementing a new recruitment CRM is a big transformation for many agencies. Processes, workflows and sometimes even job roles can change and you may...

    Wi-Fi Rights

    Andrew Johnson, MD at PowWowNow looks at how the UK's broadband infrastructure is holding up.

    Respect the Tech

    Janette Marx, CEO, Airswift discusses How to show resilience in a competitive jobs market

    Digital Transformation or Dinosaur Death? 

    Gabrielle Seacy of Allsorter takes a look at a very real threat to the existence of some agencies

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