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Thursday, October 22, 2020
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    Longer Reads

    Respect the Tech

    Janette Marx, CEO, Airswift discusses How to show resilience in a competitive jobs market

    Digital Transformation or Dinosaur Death? 

    Gabrielle Seacy of Allsorter takes a look at a very real threat to the existence of some agencies

    Cloud Fixes

    Daniel Fox, Channel Marketing Director at CloudCall looks to overcome top recruitment challenges

    Working Together

    Gary Coventry, Product Director at CloudCall advises on What to look for to get it right

    AI Supports Recovery

    Jochem de Boer of The World Employment Confederation discusses Artificial Intelligence supporting the recovery of employment

    Invest Time in your CRM

    Katy Stephenson, Marketing Manager of Itec Systems explains How To Maximise Your CRM With Training

    Are You Protected?

    61% of Business Don’t Apply Password Security Techniques, Here’s How To!


    Robert Rutherford, CEO of IT consultancy, QuoStar, offers his top tech tips for recruitment firms looking to reduce costs and maximise resilience.


    Amy Robinson, senior brand development manager at Esendex, looks at How creating a digitised recruitment process can put you ahead of your competitor.


    Andrew Johnson, MD at meeting provider PowWowNow, asks what the next evolution will involve?

    Does blockchain hold the key?

    Rene Seifert, co-head of TrueProfile.io looks to the future of international recruitment and professional migration

    Social Advertising

    Dan Stobbs, Head of Social Media at BlueSky PR gives you 5 reasons why your recruitment firm should be using social media advertising

    Mobile Safety

    Klaus Allion, Managing Director, ANT Telecom on Why companies shouldn’t overlook smartphones for protecting their lone workers

    CMS Required

    Jo Lee, Managing Director of Marmalade Marketing tells us Why Your Recruitment Business Should Include a Content Management System.

    The changing face of digital recruitment

    Teri Etherington, Affiliate Account Manager, looks at a new approach

    The Covid-19 Effect

    Paul Thompson, Sales and Marketing Director for IkiruPeople.com, looks at The Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on Digital Transformation in Recruitment

    Defining Digital

    Paul Thompson, Sales and Marketing Director for IkiruPeople.com discusses The digital-only future of recruitment

    Recruiters Accelerate

    Howard Hughes, ENGAGE's CEO and Co-Founder looks How Covid 19 has accelerated digital transformation in the recruitment industry

    AI Removing Bias?

    Nicolas Speeckaert, co-founder and director of skeeled asks How can employers use technology to build a diverse workforce?

    AI Assistance

    Nicolas Speeckaert, skeeled’s Co-Founder and Managing Partner looks at How can AI help talent acquisition in these unprecedented times?

    Digital People

    Beringer Tame provides top tips for ensuring you source the right people to enable your digital transformation

    Virtual Challenge

    Tony Machin, CEO of TrustID asks Are remote identity checks the new normal?

    Rapid Adoption

    Dominic Gill of Intequal advises on Responding to the uptake of technology in a post-pandemic world

    The Power to Pivot

    The new breed of professional services platforms focused on technology resourcing will accelerate digital transformation and drive a positive recovery, says James Sandoval of MeasureMatch.

    Must Read

    New Video Interviewing start-up

    Scottish video interviewing start-up lands £250K investment after lockdown boom 

    Digital Threat to WFH Benefits

    New Study shows Stress, Burnout and Technical Issues aren't conducive to working from home

    Digital People

    Beringer Tame provides top tips for ensuring you source the right people to enable your digital transformation