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Wednesday, January 19, 2022


    Embrace Automation

    Joe McGuire, Global Sales Director of cube19 outlines Recruitment Automation with OneView

    Forward-thinking recruitment companies depend on data to support their strategic decision making. Recruitment leaders know data plays a vital part in making the right decisions about future direction as well as creating a competitive edge by providing a deeper understanding of what is happening at desk level. However, our industry is still facing a global data quality problem.

    The recruitment industry is rightly embracing automation in all aspects of their business but, for many companies, labour-intensive manual tasks still play an unacceptably large part in their reporting and analytics process. This leads to incomplete, inaccurate and flawed datasets.

    If you have systemic issues with your data quality, you’re likely to end up making decisions based on flawed outcomes. Automating the processes surrounding data hygiene dramatically improves the quality of your data and enables you to get the most out of your investment into technology. Only through engaging with data can you improve your data quality and understand how to unlock the insights within.

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    Your time is your most precious resource and by freeing it up through automation of menial tasks and manual reporting, you can focus on building lasting relationships and providing an unforgettable candidate experience.

    cube19 automates time-consuming tasks from account management to business development and account care calls, allowing consultants to nurture the human-touch element of recruitment. It’s time to allow progressive technology to automate wherever possible, so your consultants have more time to focus on the candidate.

    “I used to spend a lot of time looking through different reports and collecting information to have a one-on-one meeting with a consultant. Now I get an iPad and quickly dig into all the info I need. This means that I spend more time actually understanding performance and making suggestions to improve it, rather than just getting the data together.”

    Matthew Sykes, Recruitment Manager, Spencer Ogden

    cube19’s feature OneView allows for the automation of hundreds of micro tasks to build individualised dashboards. Whether you’re CEO, CFO, team leader, account manager, marketer or recruiter; you can build your ultimate OneView, containing data and metrics that are only relevant to you or your team.

    Through leveraging the individualised OneView dashboards, consultants can identify what proactive next steps are required in order to reach success.

    When you automate processes that support and maintain a healthy database you will discover a behavioural change within your consultants. Once they begin to understand the data they are working with they become empowered at their desks by harnessing the power of data-driven decision making.

    Ultimately, OneView shows you your business’ formula for success. It allows you to scale your business and replicate processes through the automation of areas such as; account management, business development and account care calls. 

    At cube19 we believe that a data-driven culture provides the foundation for elite performance. Get in touch to find out how cube19 can transform your data quality problems into Actionable Insights that maximise the success of your team.


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