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Tuesday, May 17, 2022


    How can recruitment agencies create a positive candidate experience?

    Candidate experience can be defined as the perception and feelings of a job seeker on their job application process, based on their interaction during the hiring process. This includes all points of contact during recruitment – job search, the application process, interview process, and sometimes even onboarding.

    Why candidate experience matters

    Well, for starters… poor candidate experience has a direct negative impact on your business. The initial four aspects to be affected within companies are; the company’s ability to find and hire top talent, the company’s performance, their reputation, and their business long-term.

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    60% of job seekers quit in the middle of an application because of the length or complexity of the process. So, even if your company or job description are attractive to a candidate, a poor recruitment process can put them off using you ever again.

    Differentiating your agency through positive candidate experience 

    Initial pre-employment screening should be mostly, or even completely, automated. As well as making the selection process more efficient, data helps to take the guesswork and common human errors, such as bias or carelessness, out of the equation.

    Some recruitment agencies have gone that extra step further and have come up with additional solutions, providing extensive tools for designing an engaging recruitment process and delivering a positive recruitment process.

    Anything that you can do to make the process more efficient means you’ll get a higher calibre of candidates through the door, which ultimately leads to happier clients.

    Ways to improve candidate experience

    Delivering a consistently awesome candidate experience can feel like an insurmountable challenge sometimes, but it’s not.

    • Don’t skimp on strategy – This is the foundation that underpins your entire recruitment process. The slicker it is, the more likely you can deliver a great candidate experience.
    • Write impactful job descriptions – Don’t just copy and paste the job spec. It might be tempting to repost an old advert or run the same advert across different locations, but a well-written, unique job description can improve candidate experience as well as the quality of hire too.
    • Make the application process easy – Candidates are applying for tens of roles at once. They’re burnt out. They’re sick of forgotten passwords, intricate processes, complex application instructions… make it simple for them.
    • Communicate with them – Consistent communication is one of the things you can most easily achieve, with plenty of tech options to help speed up the process.
    • Give honest and constructive feedback – Recruiters must empathy, even with the most frustrated of candidates.

    Whatever size your business is or aspires to be, our cloud software covers the entire recruitment lifecycle, available as integrated or standalone solutions. Get in touch with us to learn how our recruitment software can help your business be more profitable.

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