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Wednesday, January 19, 2022


    How CloudCall can help recruiters in a changing market

    Neville James, UK Sales Director, CloudCall

    We know it’s hard for recruiters right now. Following the events of 2020, the recruitment sector has suffered; the jobs market decreased whilst the number of candidates has done the opposite.

    With a lot of companies closing, furloughing staff or even letting employees go, the recruitment market in 2021 will be tougher than ever to manage.

    But that’s where we come in.

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    Whilst you focus your time on finding new roles, building client relationships or finding perfect candidates, what we can do, is offer you some great features that will help you to manage the rapidly changing recruitment market.

    Our integration allows you to work productively, saving you time and allowing you to store all your communications in your CRM, which helps you down the line.

    Whilst a lot of us are still working from home or remotely and look as though we will be for the near future, we’ve picked out three ways our integration can help you as a recruiter, wherever you may be working from.

    Store your calls

    Our Call Recording feature is one of the best tools you can use as a recruiter. Gone are the days of furiously scribbling notes down about a candidate or a role. With our integration, you can easily record all your communications and check back to find out any information you forgot or missed.

    Whether it’s what that pay range was for that role last Wednesday or the areas that candidate would commute to, you’ll never forget a conversation again with Call Recording.

    Keeping a log of the past calls and communications of your recruitment team will allow you to easily train new employees remotely too. You can pull up examples of best practice, what questions to ask candidates and how to control a heated situation, by using the past calls from your colleagues.

    Top tip: when you don’t have to focus on taking notes, you can be much more engaged with the conversation happening in the present. You can give your full attention to the candidate or client, which will only boost satisfaction and help you build a trusting relationship with the contact.

    Improve collaboration

    There are a few different features of our integration that will allow recruitment teams to work well when remote. Instant Messaging is a great tool to allow quick and easy contact with your colleagues.

    Where before you may walk over to your teammate’s desk (and pinch a cookie whilst you’re there), now you can drop them a message to which they can reply instantly (clue’s in the name).

    Sharing information about a candidate or a job has never been easier too. Save time trawling the CRM or typing out the information yourself by sending a candidate or client’s CRM record, instantly to a colleague, so that everyone on the team can easily access the same information.

    Top tip: when on a call with a candidate or client, who a colleague of yours already has past experiences with, you can drop your colleague an instant message. The instant part allows your colleague to send you any relevant info or answers to questions you may need, without you having to put the contact on hold or lose focus on the conversation you’re having.

    Boost response rates

    Are you struggling to get hold of your clients? Maybe your candidates won’t answer a call from an unknown number? Our Broadcast SMS and Local Presence features are here to ensure you are making the most out of our communications.

    Broadcast SMS allows you to send more messages to your network, quickly and efficiently. Whether its advertising a new role that you think a list of candidates would be interested in, or a superstar candidate your network needs to look at, Broadcast SMS is your best bet for a quick and easy way to stay connected with your network in 2021.

    Another great feature we offer is our Local Presence, which will allow you to personalise your calling strategy. Are you more likely to pick up a call if it’s from a number, instead of ‘unknown’? Yes? Well, your candidates feel the same way!

    Wherever you are based, Local Presence allows you to control the number displayed to whoever you are calling, meaning you can show the call as if it is coming from a local number, even when it isn’t. This will make the contact feel more at ease and ready to answer the call, knowing it isn’t from a suspicious ‘unknown’ caller.

    Top tip: never miss a call or message again! You can download the CloudCall Go! Mobile app to help place your candidates, quicker and easier, from wherever you are. Even if you’ve popped to your kitchen to make yourself a drink, you can ensure you don’t miss a thing with the CloudCall Go! App.

    We know it’s going to be a tough year for the recruitment industry, but also one of opportunity and optimism. Check in with us as we share more tips for you throughout the year to allow you to work productively remotely and place more candidates than ever before.

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