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Monday, January 30, 2023


    Internationally Paid

    Deel launches Global Payroll to streamline paying international teams payroll across 90+ countries

    Global payroll and compliance company Deel has launched a fully managed Global Payroll product for companies that hire employees using their entities and want to combine multiple regional payroll systems into one single platform. The new addition means companies have the option to bring their entire workforce onto Deel, accessing contractor payments, Employer of Record (EOR) services, and payroll management in one place.

    Feel say their solution can be game changing for companies who previously would have to use four different regional payroll vendors to pay teams on four different countries. This could mean using four different types of software, interfaces, processes, and data reports. All of which makes it hard to analyse data, creating more room for error, and adding substantial operational cost, time, and complexity to running payroll every month.

    Deel offers one platform to manage payroll across 90+ locations with one dashboard, process, and report. In a few clicks, it is possible to review employees’ salaries, taxes, and benefit deductions and pay the global team with a single invoice.

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    With the whole team on one platform, it becomes possible to make data-driven decisions about payroll with standardised reporting for all worker classifications, locations and roles. Whether you need a breakdown of Brazil’s social security contributions or pension costs in the UK, see everything in one dashboard.

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