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Wednesday, January 19, 2022


    itris 9 CRM Launch

    Itec Systems is currently celebrating the launch of its eagerly anticipated product

    With an increasing demand for security and flexibility, itris 9’s unique hybrid cloud technology gives recruiters confidence in accessing their data securely from any location through its advanced user interface.

    After being rebuilt from scratch with a focus on user experience, their new product allows its users to unlock their true potential by maximising their efficiency and productivity. Off the shelf, itris 9 provides a range of functionality including DaXtra parsing, state of the art dashboards and powerful process automation as standard.

    Paul Sangster – Associate Director of Sales and Marketing

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    “Having worked in this industry for over 10 years, I have seen a huge amount of change to the software market. There has been a gap in the technology space for some time now, with many users frustrated with the lack of innovation and support from suppliers. We recognise the importance of the services we offer alongside itris 9 and invest heavily in our workforce and resources, so we can offer exceptional support and guidance to our customers.”

    Chris Brind – Managing Director

    “We are the first supplier to rebuild their software from the ground up and this is reflected in its attention to detail, speed and performance. Our staff have worked extremely hard and I am confident that we can deliver what I believe to be the future in recruitment software.

    Our vision has always been to create software which is valued by its users and recognised for being innovative within the recruitment industry. One of the benefits of being a traditional software house is that we have full control over our products and future roadmap. We have some big plans for itris 9 and will be announcing a tonne of new features over the coming months.”

    Jim Denning – CEO, LHi Group

    “We are always looking to invest in the best tools and platforms to benefit our sales consultants and support our fast-growing global business. We implemented itris 9 earlier this year to further support our consultant processes and improve our customer management. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing but also user friendly and intuitive as it reflects the recruitment lifecycle in a more continuous way.

    Additions such as the Kanban board for job activity, has made it easier for consultants to track job flow and the new CV Marketing Hub makes the process of CV marketing much more simplified, saving time and energy for consultants. The new and improved dashboard is a great way of focusing consultants to look at the most pressing activities (that will generate revenue in the near future) and of course, being cloud based has been a real asset to us in the increasingly remote world.“

    itris 9 clearly stands out in what has become a very crowded market and undoubtedly offers a product the recruitment industry has been waiting for.

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