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Friday, August 12, 2022


    Octopaye Launch

    New Payroll Software comes to the market

    New payroll software has launched and is making a splash in the recruitment industry. Octopaye is cloud based, intelligent, secure, and scalable payroll software that does the legwork for recruiters, their clients and their temporary or contract workforce.

    Despite launching this week, Octopaye is a solution born out of years of experience in recruitment, payroll management and Human Resources. It is an extension of the brand and software which many recruiters may know as Recruit Payroll.

    The team at Recruit Payroll saw how effective their software is in managing the needs of modern-day businesses when it comes to processing multi location, multi-user payroll. It’s innovative, white-labelled software that integrates with third party systems making it ideal for processing large volume payroll across several sites.

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    The team at RP realised their software had legs outside the recruitment space. Driven by the ambition to empower payroll specialists to manage their responsibilities more effectively they designed Octopaye, a platform that has all of the features needed to run payroll with optimum efficiency and minimal effort. Beyond recruitment it is an ideal solution for large accountancy practices and franchise networks.

    The company is now in its second year of providing clients with a secure, cloud-based platform that supports positive, productive and compliant payroll processes in the temporary recruitment space. It is a big step up from clunky, legacy payroll platforms that leaves users battling with multiple logins across several systems and time poor after running payroll.

    Octopaye is cloud based meaning there are no on-premise servers. It’s quick to deploy and can be securely accessed from anywhere, 24/7. With the move to many people working from home it is flexible enough to accommodate these needs. There are no upfront costs and the system can be branded with any company logo or colours.

    The software received HMRC approval in 2019 and is fully compliant with UK legislation. The team are looking forward to making more waves in the recruitment and payroll software space.

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