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Friday, August 12, 2022


    PitchMe Integrates

    PitchMe integrates with Bullhorn to make recruitment smarter

    The skills-based talent marketplace PitchMe has announced its integration of the PitchMe for Recruiters SaaS product, with leading applicant tracking system, Bullhorn.

    The integration means that recruiters and hiring professionals using Bullhorn can now update candidate profiles with up-to-date employment and education history, skills and experience in a matter of seconds using PitchMe’s highly accurate, AI-powered candidate profiling solution.

    In addition, PitchMe’s profiling solution is now available within Bullhorn’s dashboard, so information obtained from a candidate’s CV is enriched with external data sources such as LinkedIn, social media, professional websites, portfolio, personal website, or more recent CV. The company says the integration saves recruiters and hiring managers up to 80% of the time it typically takes to update applicants’ candidate profiles manually.

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    “For most staffing firms, their database is their main asset,” commented PitchMe co-founder & CEO, Dina Bayasanova. “Unfortunately, CVs become outdated quickly and it can be very time consuming and expensive to update candidate profiles manually. Furthermore, as the workplace environment evolves and adopts more flexible, decentralised ways of working, companies have an increasing need to identify candidate skills that cannot be expressed on a traditional CV.

    “By applying AI, machine learning and a skills-based approach to candidates’ profiling, PitchMe gives recruiters up-to-date information on any candidates in their database in a matter of clicks. We are pleased to partner with Bullhorn, the leader in applicant tracking, to make hiring even smarter,” Dina adds.

    Each updated profile will remain in the user’s Bullhorn database, ready to be used in future matching and shortlisting processes. The integration also means that Bullhorn users can use PitchMe’s matching algorithm within Bullhorn to improve accuracy when shortlisting candidates.

    There is a demo video of PitchMe’s integration with Bullhorn in action here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6yQx1kDpHsc

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