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Tuesday, May 17, 2022


    Platypus Connects

    New add-on targets values based candidate match.

    HR and recruitment tech company Platypus has announced the launch of a new add-on. Connect (Beta), is an innovative culture matching tool that will connect companies and job-seekers based upon shared values.

    Platypus hopes the product will foster a paradigm shift in the recruitment space. Providing an innovative approach to hiring by delivering expert talent recommendations, based on authentic culture data.

    In a recruitment market dominated by HRIS, employee surveys, and similar technologies, engagement and performance metrics have created a new category. Platypus defines cultural operations as a separate category. Culture is becoming a critical factor in retention, as reported in Leadership IQ that 89 per cent of new hires fail because of cultural and interpersonal factors and not skill. The Great Resignation is igniting people to change careers and find a revived sense of purpose in their work. It’s vital that companies learn what motivates their people to prevent attrition.

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    “The current recruitment market and even the philosophy of recruitment is “how do we get more candidates”?” notes Nico Blier-Silvestri, CEO & Co-Founder, Platypus. “That’s the logic that everyone applies, but we’re moving the other way. We’re telling organisations, we’re not going to give you more candidates. We’re going to give you quality candidates. Candidates that are aligned with what’s important to your departments. We’re going against the grain. We don’t believe that you need more. We believe you need the right one.”

    The long-term vision is for Platypus to be the main B2B2C operating system for culture internationally. Improving the matching process for organisations and individuals, driving more equal and honest interactions in the recruitment space.

    Platypus is now launching an exciting add-on: Connect (Beta). This new tech will serve two markets: HR and job-seekers. The smart, user-friendly matchmaking platform allows organisations and candidates to connect and align on shared values. Aiming to close the gap between job seekers and employers, by sparking and inspiring people to find the employment that is most ideal to their professional life. Meanwhile, presenting organisations with culturally compatible candidates.

    HR departments have multiple benefits using the Connect (Beta) add-on. The platform will enable businesses to grow their culture, creating a diverse and inclusive workforce, whilst improving their candidate experience and reducing the risk of mis-hire. Hiring professionals can now discover candidates whose cultural priorities are matching with their teams, before reviewing individual job-seeker profiles. This will show them what the candidate will bring to the organisation and what they need in return to be satisfied at work. Engaging with relevant candidates can be done in multiple ways, such as contacting them or moving them to an active job role.

    Moving forward with the tool’s benefits for job-seekers are plenty. Finding new work opportunities requires the individuals to first understand and reflect on their professional values before matching with teams whose cultural priorities align with theirs. This enables better performance, work satisfaction, and increased commitment in a job where their goals and culture are synchronized. All a job-seeker has to do is to create a Platypus Print then explore the teams that match with their cultural priorities. If interested, they can swipe right to Connect. By doing so, their profile will appear on the Platypus recruitment platform giving them the opportunity to to be considered for an existing or upcoming position.

    More information on Platypus from a candidate perspective:

    More information on Connect (Beta) from a HR perspective: https://bit.ly/3IfMC4j

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