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Wednesday, January 19, 2022


    Technology the Key

    Emily Buckley, Chief Writer at Wave looks at Talent Attraction

    As a recruiter, what is your biggest asset (other than your people)? It’s got to be your candidates. Your job is to connect the right talent with the right opportunities and to do that you need to be able to access that talent. That is how you will win jobs and retain clients. However, finding quality talent amongst an expanding talent pool can be time consuming and budget-busting. You need an efficient talent attraction strategy and the tools that will enable you to execute it. The right tech can advise which job boards are right for a particular job, the best time to post them, and what to include in the ad to help ensure your ads get in front of top talent. It can help cultivate an internal talent pool – a boon in a high candidate/low job landscape. And, importantly, it can help ensure a positive candidate experience and keep talent from slipping away. So what tech do you need to maximise talent attraction?

    Start with your job multi-poster

    Posting multiple jobs to multiple job boards, your website and your social media channels is time-consuming. A multi-poster does all of that for you at the click of a button. You can keep all your job posting activity in one place, plus track your applications and hires. Even better if the multi-poster works that little bit harder. A data-powered multi-poster such as WaveTrackR also offers recommendations on where, when and what to post to ensure you find top talent and maximise your budget.

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    Analytical tools empower recruiters

    Analytics is a recruiter’s best friend. Incorporating data and analytics into your multi-poster enables you to gain access to key knowledge when it comes to the right job board to use for a specific job – digital gold dust. With recommendations for the best job boards to use for each job, managing recruitment budgets becomes far easier. Recommendations for the best time of day and week to post, plus what to include in your job ad will help to ensure that your ad gets in front of candidates searching for that job. What else do you need from an analytics dashboard? Comparisons. Easy to interpret comparisons of job board performance, including costs, applications, hires, and revenue earned will all help you to find top talent efficiently – both in terms of time and cost.

    Search for candidates and build your pool

    What’s the best way to find candidates directly? CV databases are a gold mine of talent but searching through them all can be incredibly time consuming – time that is better spent engaging with candidates. An effective CV search function within your tech stack will allow you to access multiple databases all from the same place, filtering according to your criteria. You can then view the CVs that match and save the ones you’re interested in. Not only will this help you to find talent for a specific job but it will enable you to create an internal talent pool that you can dip into as the opportunities arise.

    Manage your candidates

    A candidate management system has always been an incredibly important piece of tech for recruiters but at a time when the candidate pool has expanded exponentially and applications remain high, it is a lifesaver. The ability to track applications and manage candidates ensures that you can stay on top of the entire recruitment process once that job is posted. A positive candidate experience is key to retaining top talent and preventing them from disappearing to one of your competitors. A candidate management system, with candidate ranking, email templates and a tracking system, helps to ensure a smooth hiring journey for everyone in the process.

    The right tech should make the entire recruitment process easier so that you can focus on your skills as a recruiter, that which tech will never do better or replace – your ability to be human. To talk, to negotiate, to influence, to engage. Tech should – and does – play a huge role in talent attraction, allowing you to get your ads in front of top talent in the most budget-efficient way possible, and then ensuring that talent sticks with you all the way to hire.





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