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Wednesday, January 19, 2022


    Thomas adds to platform

    Global assessment company places personality on technology offering.

    Thomas International has announced that its personality assessment has been added to the Thomas platform, further bolstering its technology as a vital tool for improving pre-hire processes.

    Based on Big Five theory, a globally recognised and respected psychological model, the Thomas Personality assessment unlocks deep insights into the traits that drive the way people work, providing understanding of areas such as goal-setting, coping with stress, handling change, creativity, risk and competition.

    Taking candidates just ten minutes, businesses, seeking to rehire and grow as the economy recovers from the pandemic, gain instant insights that make it easier to make smarter, data-driven people decisions without having to invest in training, accreditation or organisational psychologists. Equally, candidates who take the test are able to review a summary of their assessment results, to learn more about their own traits and how others might see them.

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    Paired with Thomas’ Aptitude and Behaviour assessments, the platform delivers an effective predictive hiring solution. It enables organisations to use the extra insight gained from these tests, beyond just the information on candidates’ CVs or how they perform in an interview, to predict their individual potential and impact in a role. The platform offers simple candidate comparison and interview guide tools to support the selection of top talent.

    “For too long businesses have relied on limited information on a candidate’s CV, or their own gut feel from interviews,” Sabby Gill, CEO at Thomas commented. “This leads to mistakes, which are costly, wasting not just a business’ time, but the candidate’s too, by forcing both parties into a situation which doesn’t work.

    “Predictive hiring is the future of recruitment, and we’re helping businesses access the insights into candidate performance that can make genuine differences to a business’ bottom line and a person’s professional development. With our assessments, businesses can make the right hiring decision the first time, while at the same time giving candidates valued insights into their own ability.”

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